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The Long-Game --> A game where the process is more important than the end result. Where building your masterpiece is the most enjoyable thing to do. My posts in this Long-Game series will be investigating the Steem blockchain and all the latest happenings on it! The future is bright.

They are all referring to the long-game of the Steem blockchain and anything that remotely relates to that.

In these posts, these topics and more will frequently be touched upon:
1. dapp developments
2. interface features
3. ideas for the future
4. content creators on Steem
5. entrepreneurs on Steem
6. and anything else!

Essentially, everything is up for grabs in these posts. They’re about the future of our favorite blockchain: the Steem blockchain.

You only say that cause you're not around?

Recognize the line?

It's from a song, you may or may not know it. I'll let you try and guess it in the comments below!

A lot of people talk and talk and talk about the things they're going to do.

They mention how they will go to the gym.

How they will clean up their diet.

They talk about all the things that they will achieve.

But when you look under the hood and see their day to day, what are they actually accomplishing?

I've recently come to reanalyze my own life and I'm finding all sorts of holes in what I said I would do versus what I'm actually doing.

This kind of self-reflection is so vital to living a good life. I can't recommend it enough!

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