Learning Long Exposure Photography

As a compete beginner on Photography, I am exploring different type of photography as and when I have some time. So yesterday I tried to learn Long Exposure Photography using Smartphone.

Since I have a Nokia 6, I do not have an option of changing ISO or Shutter Speed. Because of that I have downloaded Open Camera which has lot of option in Manual Settings which can be changed to get the photo in wherever way you want.

So since I have to do Long Exposure, I only have to change the ISO and Shutter Speed, which can be changed as shown below.


Since I was novice in Stutter Speed, I have not changed the settings. So I have clicked with ISO 50 and no change in Stutter Speed. There is no difference in image as shown below.


As you can see, there is very less light and only tail lights of few cars can be seen and the whole background is black.

Then I tried to change the Stutter Speed and made it as half. Though I got some photos but they were also not that great as shown below. Even though, it was not great I learned that along with ISO you also need to change the Shutter Speed.


As I have learned I changed the ISO to 50 and Sutter Speed to 1/12 s, I started getting some of the good photos as shown below.




Then I edited the first best picture using snapseed and got my first learning successful.


Though I have to learn a lot, but it was a successful experiment or learning.

Camera : Nokia 6, Open Camera

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