Announcing a Decent.Bet Meetup in London. Get a Free Hoodie!

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decent-bet-london-meetup.png will be hosting a meetup in London on January 24th. We are super excited and looking forward to meeting you!

It is scheduled for 6pm at the Strand Palace Hotel. £5 and included is a DBET hoodie if registered by 1/17/2018.

MeetUP Details.

Blockchain enthusiasts, don't miss this opportunity to meet and hang out with other cryptocurrency fans in the area. This is a great time to learn more about cryptocurrency and hear a few words from, the #1 blockchain sports betting and gambling platform in the world! is a transparent sports betting and gambling platform based on Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. 100% of the casino profits are returned to the DBET House credit holders.

Jedidiah Taylor, CEO and Kurt Connolly, VP of Operations will share the progress of the platform.

"Our House Is Your House"

First 100 RSVPs will receive a free hoody. Must reply by 19/01/2018 so we can have enough hoodies ordered.

Register for the Decent.Bet London MeetUp Here



bought some yesterday on etherdelta, but still not understand how to receive "dividends". i need to do some searching.. meanwhile, i keep them on my eth address, hope to have a great future!

You can receive payouts after the platform is launched.

Thanks, i will also read the whitepaper!

this impressive real casino project is going to london. good news & decent bet rox @hilarski

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good post thanks for sharing

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If I had a chance to go there I will definitely present there! Are they planning to come to Asian countries? At least to Singapore? If then I think I can be there! Great news friend, anyway I already stocked Decent bet :D


@hilarski - Sir a big news for all DBET lovers.... Thank you... will be hosting a meetup in London on January 24th.


In any case, I can not make it to London, I'll wait for the message about the meeting that was held from you :)

Interesting. I think I need to take another look at this project. From my understanding a few months ago it had quite some overlap with Wagerr, which is currently my 'bet' ;-)

Maybe this one is interesting as well. Betting on the blockchain is a very interesting use case!

ohhhh its more good and i hear about it first time and now i try to register it for seeing and learen more on it...thanx @hilarski for giving this infromation

Everybody likes a Hoodie.
100% return to DBET holders? Impressive.

This sounds like a great opportunity to learn more about I wish I could go to London to hear about new developments with this platform.

well I signed up, looks promising!

I wish if I can be present in this meetup

Good luck. Cant make it to london. Hopefully there is one in NY soon.

Excellent information and I'm sure this meeting will be a landmark! Thank you @hilarski
bet's crowdsale is not overly complicated ;)

What is Hoodie? I have no idea about Hoodie. Sir. please tell me about the temple.

I understand Sir. Sweatshirt is very beneficial this winter.

it has a hood to keep your head warm in winter :)

Guys get ready! Fun is on the way ;) for sure.

The fact is i can not come to london but I want Hoodie too <3

Hope so you will manage some sort video clip or a blog how it will go. so, that we also may get some ideas from this meetup.

Great Efforts @hilarski :) Stay Blessed, Steem On!

thanx @hilarski for giving this infromation.
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Thanks for sharing this post..i appreciate your post..

Ooh London seems like a perfect place for a crypto meetup. That’s coming up pretty soon too!

good news friends, and hopefully many enthusiasts who want to join

Always great to hear about my fav coin team! Thanks Randy!!

Thanks for sharing this news.It's an educative value about cryotocurrency.
thanks a lot brother..It's time to change ourself....

Oh, I'm so excited. I finally can meet Jedidiah Taylor and Kurt Connolly from the Decent bet and ask them about their amazing booming project!
And get a hoodie!)

Very smart move from Decent bet to organize a meetup. Their project has great potential and after the meetup, they will get even more recognition from people!

Hello Randy,
Would you happen to have a contact number or email of Jedidiah Taylor, or Kurt Connolly?
I think I sent the wrong address for my wallet and need to talk to them???

Message them on the Decent.Bet FB page.

Thanks Randy, but I do not use FB.
Would it be to much to ask of you to send them my contact info?
Buy you drinks for it at Anarchapulco?

I am interesting viste London ..Thanks dear great post upload..

Such a great news sir

very well said by you in those lines will be hosting a meetup in London on January 24th. We are super excited and looking forward to meeting you!

like your activities and work on posts good nice keep it up amazing doings by you i m new on your post to comment i appreciated and i will come again on your new posts i m=will wait for them thanks for sharing kee it up

can I resteem you blog sir please tell me

Thanks @hilarski for updates about:

DecentBet (DBET)

$0.493954 USD

nice done.....
i want to know about dbet
please inform me

I’m huge fan of ETH. Actualy it’s the biggest size in my portfolio. Unfortunately I’m in NY and not able to attend. Is there any way to get involved not being there?

hilarski sir i dont understand about it some and i read about it now in your post is it like an ico and tokens which we will buy or in which some different sir?

It is a meeting in London.

I wish I was there, then I was the 1st one to join this meetup. Will miss alot this event. Anyways my best wishes are with all the guys who are going to attend this meetup. is a transparent sports betting and gambling platform based on Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. 100% of the casino profits are returned to the DBET House credit holders.
Great news and Thanks for sharing @hilarski. Keep it up and Stay Blessed!

london is a nice city.i want to visit london...thnx for share this post with us

The news delivered in this post is very important in me. thank you sir

I hope it will be appreciated in the future :)
I also took many thanks to you

good luck in london for

Did some research and found some solid testimonials in favor of Decent.Bet. Thanks @hilarski.

Bought some DBet yesterday! I have some faith in your project @hilarski

great post
thanks for sharing

I would like to attend this.. Good luck Mr. Hilarski.

A big greeting first of all, I think that this project like yoyow is so but so good that it may reach the popularity that Steemit has.

This is the beginning and the future of social networks, once as FaceBook is already thinking of taking out a cryptocurrency to work them and to enter the future of social networks.

** It is impressive as the most famous platform in the world Facebook this attempt to enter this world does not lose its boom of being the most famous main network in the world.

Greetings from Venezuela, I hope we can continue reading

That's to far, let me just buy some tokens on the exchange haha

@hilarski I can not make it to London,sirSuch a great article & nice photography

That will be really cool for the attendees

cool meetup and a hoodie to grab haha must be amazing

Time to join the show ;)

the game is stronger with decent bet

Ohhhh, So sweet. I wish i were there to meet you on the meeting of Decent bet.

i wish i relly wish i could jin you in that vut i will soon ...

I am looking forward to join an event like that someday. Next step will be joining an steemfest for sure.

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