LoMoStar Chronicles: The Birth of RED enLOVEpes

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Ain't no FOMO like on LoMo

LoMoStar is an app where people constantly drop envelopes full of cryptos.
In fact, I'm afraid that while typing these lines I'm gonna miss out on the next BTC, BCH, or ETH lope.

Sharing is Caring

But don't get the wrong idea, fear isn't the predominant emotion on the LoMoStar app.
On the contrary, I would argue that love is.
During my first weeks on LMS I kept much to myself not really interacting with anyone nor giving cryptocurrencies of my own. It took me a little while to understand that in order to gain wider access to other's generosity I had to get noticed by sharing as well.


Universal Love

My first action springing out of finally caring was to create my own self-titled group, hERoIC15397's group. Not satisfied with the eponym, I quickly changed it to RED enLOVEpes. The idea for the name came out of the blue and was born out of playing with the words ''red'' & ''envelopes'', which combined together designate the main vehicle through which people exchange value on the app.
Then, one day I announced RED enLOVEpes' very first event.


Oyez, oyez, good people of RED enLOVEpes. Tomorrow is the day of LOVE (Friday stands for the day of Freya, the Norse goddess of LOVE; Vendredi pour jour de Vénus, déesse de l'AMOUR). So in order to celebrate LOVE for the LoMoStar app, and for each other, I invite you to a 3:00 PM UTC gathering (11:00 AM ET; 11:00 PM HKT), here in RED enLOVEpes group. Some small task will be asked of the participants which in exchange will see me dropping some cool RED LOVE back. Further details will be announced shortly prior to the happening. See you there my LOVEs.

This event #1 took place on Friday, April 20, 2018.


Attention RED enLOVEpes lovers and givers! The time of loving has come! Your main collective sharing and caring task consist in dropping 25 lopes. To be taken into account, each must bear the word LOVE written on it in 25 different languages (please specify the language used). Duplicate language lopes will not be considered when adding up to 25, so be careful to what you see being dropped by others. Let's see if we can build, not only a Tower of Babel made of lope but rather a tour Eiffel made of LOVE. Rewards will be given for the following achievements: 10, then 25 differently expressed ''LOVE letters'', and at least 10 different cryptocurrencies used. Good LOVE!

Dozens of people participated and we were easily able to reach our goals.
The cryptocurrencies shared during this first part of the event were:
  • ALI
  • CDY
  • CFUN
  • CRE
  • DCON
  • EOS
  • LMC
  • MGD
  • RED
  • RUFF
  • THM
  • TRX
  • USO
The reward consisted of:
  • 1 XMC lope for achieving 10 different languages
  • 1 XMR lope for achieving 25 different languages
  • 1 ETH lope for achieving​ 10 different cryptos
It was followed by a second part.


Bonus round: now let's see if we can achieve the exact same thing (25 times the word RED in 25 different languages) but for the word RED! RED is the color of the envelopes given as monetary gifts for special occasions in some Asian societies. RED is also universally recognized as being associated with LOVE. We give those RED enLOVEpes to fellow LoMoStar users here on a regular and mechanical basis and we may sometimes forget the profound significance of such a gesture of giving. This is the occasion to remember the basic human intent behind dropping each and every lope, meaning LOVE! LOVE and RED being synonyms in the present context acts as a way to reinforce the power of LOVE; not any kind of LOVE but RED LOVE! Rewards will be given for the following achievements: 10, then 25 differently expressed RED letters, and at least 10 different cryptocurrencies used. Good RED LOVE!

The envelopes dropped for tasks and rewards were about the same.
It was fun and the occasion to bring together everybody in the community.


Don't miss out on the next event

Download the app

Use my code: 15FWNc

You'll find me as: hERoIC15397


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