in #lol2 years ago

L   O    L
O         O
L   O    L

h    e    l    l    o
o     l
l      l

I            A
A  L  R  E  A  D  Y
M          R

So, I wanna suck some ego for a sweet little payday who is up rn ??

Tis the state of Dystopia™, so may as well embrace earning pennies for doing pointless tasks for hours on end for no reason at all other than I do not value my time


Loom network is gonna be big, I'm going all in and hopefully counter the losses ive made this year. Come back in a years time and TREMBLE at my magic ball gaze. I'll start selling some course on how to guess unpredictable shit, it'll be hyuge

I wanna start wasting some time on SteemMonsters but I NEED A DAMN LOW LEVEL SUMMONER

I got lucky and got a high level summoner in my first pack but it means it can't be used with my other low level monsters lol

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