We're looking for a new identity for youstock!

in logo •  7 months ago

Take your chance in shaping youstock's new identity by submitting your concept as a comment to this post. If it's voted by the community and we see a match, we'll adopt it as our brand new logo!

Here are a few specifications of the contest:

  • Post a square-sized logo, raster format (.PNG, .JPEG, etc.)
  • The word "youstock" can be present or not, can be capitalized or not or can be rearranged or not
  • Color and style are left to designer's choice

And a few more details:

  • Final deliveries will be in vector format (.GVDESIGN, .EPS, etc.)
  • youstock does not guarantee it will select any of the work submitted

One of our co-founders was so thrilled with the contest, that he promised he'll submit his own idea.

Don't let him win!

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@youstock, congratulations on making your first post! I gave you an upvote!

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Promise kept!