Modes of Thought

in logic •  5 months ago

I started writing a post on DesCartes yesterday. By the time I finished the graphic for the post. I forgot what I wanted to say.

So, here goes: DesCartes demonstrated two modes of thought. In analytical geometry, DesCartes used Aristotelian logic to create an axiomatic system that unified algebra and Euclidean Geometry.

In his "Meditations," DesCartes demonstrated systematic doubt as a tool for deconstructing ideas and devloping axioms.

DesCartes developed complementary tool set. He could construct things through analysis and deconstruct things through systematic doubt. By employing complementary modes of thought he was able to see deeper in to the problems of the day.

Social critics today tend to fall into a mode where they simply tear down the ideas of their enemies without developing the skills of construction. Such critics simply attack their enemies for the sake of the attack.

SteemIt is a little bit interesting. The platform is built by people who are constructing an open ledger with the block chain. This makes the social criticism that appears on this platform a little more balanced than one encounters on other platforms.

Steemit posts noting that upvote bots distort the curation process are actually engaged actively engaged in the process of developing a social media platform based on a block chain. (Yes, I started using the dustsweeper bot as the votes on too many of my posts came in under the rounding error).

The same was true in the early days of Wikipedia, youtube and other social platforms. When people felt that they were part of a community building something, their criticisms took on a more positive tone as they felt themselves engaged in a constructive force.

IMHO, when one goes about their daily life, one should employ multiple modes of thought and learn to analyze the things they encounter from different perspectives.

Criticism for the sake of criticism has little value. Democrats who complain about Republicans and visa versa are just making noise that results in division. As such partisan creatures are not involved in actively building something their toxic words tend to tear society apart.


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