Be safe out there.

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It’s been a wild ride being in this community for the last 3 years, many people I know came and left. The value of steem reached $7.7, almost $8 per steem then dropped to $0.12, I am still curating. A hard fork HIVE is out with some friends joining, and I am still here. HIVE is a new neighbor, with some of my friends. I will continue to curate the COMMUNITY of blockchain.

I am working from home just like other hardworking employees here in the USA, Asia and Europe. Though I need to prepare for things I can’t control, like how long this lockdown will last, food supply and other basic stuff. Some people predict this will last for months. I hope they are wrong. But I’m going to the grocery to buy basic needs.

I need to manage my expenses now while I still can. So starting today, I will temporarily cease my WITNESS servers and price feed. This will save me $$$ managing hosting expenses per month. Don’t worry, the blockchain is in good hands and I’m not in Top20 so you won’t notice it. Thank YOU for the opportunity to serve. This community will continue to GROW and prosper.

I will continue to curate authors with good content. Be safe out there.
Cheers for now.

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