Daily Digest #63 | Plastic | Green Plastic | Pastic

We are always interesting in reducing plastic, and as it turns out there is a new plastic that Lego are using called Green plastic. Although, I would maybe call it 'Greener Plastic', still interesting none-the-less.

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Greener Plastic, @valth

Here is an author who does so much more than report the news, this author provides an in depth commentary on the news that is insightful. What is great, is that @valth has taken the time to write a balanced discussion on the 'greener plastic' highlighting the pros and the cons so that we can decide for ourselves how we feel. Great writing and a new author for me to watch!

Read more here


A Story and personal Blog behind climate change, @lebron2016

A personal story and blog post about the dislikes of rain and climate change. This is a refreshing post to read as it doesn't simply rant about climate change but provides detailed accounts and narratives that make it a great read. Thanks! Another great author to follow.

Read more Here


Produce Spotlight - Citrine Body Oil, @Kiaraantonoviche

@Kiaraantonoviche is a regularly featured author on our blog. She takes the time to write informative posts. If you haven't already found the product spotlight series they are great for getting an idea of good sustainable products out there. [Read more here](https://steemit.com/@kiaraantonoviche/product-spotlight-series-18-herbivore-citrine-body-oil)


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This week there is a End World Hunger Writing Contest.

There is also a weekly photography contest with the intention of raising awareness of environmental issues. This contest ends on Thursday.

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