My brother is happy at the moment | He will have his own room to do livestreams

in livestreams •  2 months ago

My brother's wish since he was 8 years old was to start uploading Youtube videos and doing livestreams.

He is a little bit shy but he thinks he can go through it. After 8 years, now, my father started preparing a special room only for him, where he can do some cool livestreams.


The room is almost empty at the moment. We added 3 types of light. Some little lights, the bigger one in the middle of the ceiling and the most beautiful in my brother opinion a bright tape with a blue color.

We also bought an electric fireplace which you can see in the image which looks amazing and has a lot of colors.

The room will be fully white with some black spots. Maybe the sofa or the bed will be black. Even the parquet is white.

I promise I will keep you updated. I am planning to help my father so he can finish the room faster and my brother can stream all day all night.

Thanks for reading Steemians, I got a question for you, which is the indispensable thing in a room?

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Wish him luck! If he is going to be consistent and bring value I'm sure he will have massive success! Remind him: Hard Work Makes the Dream Work! ;)


Yes, I told him already, he need to be consistent!