The /dev/null Live Podcast Airs Tonight at 8PM EDT (12 Midnight UTC)

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You already know what it is!

The live radio show all about technology or whatever else we end up talking about!

The show is live on the @minnowsupport's MSP Waves Radio every Wednesday at 12 am UTC (Tuesday for everyone behind UTC like myself) in the P.A.L. Discord Group.

To find the exact time in your zone head over to, that link will show the event page and list the time for all time zones.

Topics We May Cover Tonight Include:

  • Docker
  • TinyPNG
  • Vimium
  • Streaming on the Blockchain
  • It's hard to switch between programming languages...
  • What it is like to use a non-standard keyboard.
  • Programming for a blockchain.
  • Daily Coding Problems
  • Rocketbook
  • Any questions the live audience wish to ask.

Hope To See You In The Chat!

If you have any topics that you would like me to cover please feel free to comment them below and I'll add them all to my list!

All images came from royalty and attribution free sources unless specified.

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