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I love to eat ice cream, but I haven't eaten Haagen-Dazs.

I want to raise a dog, the name is also called "baby"

I am very on the phase, which means that the reality of I have no pictures of beautiful.

I all seasons wear skirts, red orange yellow green blue purple black and white ash are,

Long until the end of time, short short to shaking heaven and earth.

My real name is vulgar and popular,

This makes me doubt is recognized as the genius dad gave me the name of the motivation.

I like white, because it is the color of youth.

I like black, because it is elegant and noble representative color.

I like red, because it is an example of personality and confidence.

I'm rambling, his biggest hobby is sleeping.

I personally put the tape to the dog to change clothes, so that she looks like a little princess.

I have woven two scarves in my life, one for my brother and one for myself,

I use three perfumes, a fresh and pure, in the summer.

A fragrance to warm in winter.

A man's perfume, neutral and intellectual, in the use of professional wear.

The little things that I love most is a doll and flowers. A great gift of love most is love.

I appreciate the wheat color of men, and have a warm smile. But it can not be like cavemen.

I am good at origami and craft, so I have beautiful hands.

The collection of small stones, shells, wrappers, postcards, dried flowers and leaves is my hobby.

I have been painting, but not love the genre. I painting strengths is only graceful lines.


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It was a pleasure meeting you.

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