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Happy evening community steemit, today we will touch on a very worrying and at the same time exasperating issue, the situation that crosses the country of Venezuela characterized by severe economic crisis, which has had repercussions on different problems for Venezuelans; In this chapter we will touch on the topic related to food or food.


It is unfortunate that every day there are children on the street asking for something to eat or sniffing the garbage dumps to see what they find so as not to starve, almost everything becomes edible and can be crushed, ingested and converted into energy by the human body, They eat things that until now were not edible like the banana shell, the banana tree and even the cassava shell among other things.

It is unfortunate that on many occasions there are families who only eat one meal a day or in the worst case none.
At present there are no fat people, people have lost weight in the extreme, many of them are unrecognizable.

The worst case in my opinion is the newborn babies, you can not get formula and if the mother does not eat correctly, how will breastfeed and feed this newborn baby? Every day it is alarming to read the newspaper and observe that most of the news is based on children killed by malnutrition, many parents are in need of abandoning their children in garbage dumps and public places so as not to see them die of hunger; Although it seems ironic in recent days the increase in pregnant women is chilling, we may say that they are irresponsible, but there is no access to contraceptives, so the only solution would be total abstention difficult situation right?

The minimum income earned by decent work is insufficient for subsistence. Surviving in the current circumstances is not an easy task, but as the saying goes: "there is no evil that lasts a thousand years, no body that can resist it", so the best attitude is to hope that soon all this nightmare of the present will be only a bad memory of the past.

Now, poor diet brings diseases, so in my next section we will talk about health ...

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