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RE: The image is made of own imagination and thoughts after I read the post about "What About Little John?" written by @done is a true story.

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Hello @xpilar, nice to meet you again.

I have followed the real story of the @done with little John meeting video, and before I also followed the story about @done looking for little John while in the park. and in my opinion this is an extraordinary story. and I also agree with you that this story is very good if you make a movie script.

I was impressed by the good attitude done by the little John. hopefully many good people like @done. and I also like the digital display images that you display.


Hi @aulia1993

Yes, the story of "Little John" @lvj and his meeting with @done make a strong impression on us all as reading it.

We must remember to support "Little John" @lvj forward when he posts

I just found out little John @lvj has an account. I will support it when he makes a post. because people seem to deserve support.