BitShares: Introducing LITT v1 - Airdrop + Charity inside (May 2018)

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LifeTimeToken (🔥 $LITT🔥 ) is fav's whale token of appreciation. Its intended use is as a "recognition" token in DPOS-based MAS Chains.

Eg. in exchange for steemit upvotes or other chains

How To

Click Here to Learn How-To use LITT


Max Supply: 1.100.000
Min Supply after B&B: 110.000

Buyback & Burn

Revenue from some of fav's income streams will be used to buyback and burn the asset at currently $0.05/ea. This may change should there ever be an active market.

Current Streams for B&B:

► BTS Ref:
► Secure VPN:
► BitMEX:
► MB Refs:
► SimpleFX:
► LITT/USD Market Fee


fav - 55000 (to meet the 5% meme)
fuzzy - 10000 (paid for setup, runs whaleshares)


FREE Airdrop for LTM Accounts:


We added a sell order of 10000 LITT at 1 bitUSD which will be donated to a savethebees campaign after it was filled.


Portfolio Tracker




Whaleshares (beta)

Stay 🔥 my friends.

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@ash, the point for "Charity" is really good. How i can get that Airdop Token?, i mean what coin that i have to hold?

follow the instructions, if you're a BitShares LTM.

If you give me your sign up link , i want to join

you want to create a LTM account?

My Bitshares still not upgraded, how much does it cost to have your Bitshares upgraded so i could have some of that free airdrop. =)

you can check the fees in your wallet eg.

love the name of the token.. hahaha, this is going to be interesting

No, it's going to be LITT my man 🔥

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