Breathless Embers

in literature •  2 years ago 

By Mona B. Antoun

I never knew a heart could live
inside the embers from his rain
Yet, the fragmented heat of breathless fake gazes
Spread with no fear broken flames
Extinguishable, yet untrue
It warms the prudent ashes in the haze
With a sigh, I follow the trace of tears
Clear the mind to find lost years
Where the past is still turning in fears
circles of swaying memories
that echoes silent whispers of impending storm
I choose to walk in peace far away
Through a divergent wood of smouldering coal
Ashes falling all around, embers burning
Breezes calling, life is fading
Leaving starlit steps behind
Of what was once a scent of dew and touch of frost
Turns to be buried breathless embers

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