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RE: Steem as a Smart Contract Platform

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In terms of structure, syntax etc, yes. That's why it's preposterous for Lisk guys to say that Ethereum is "too hard" for javascript devs. It's not, and it'll make you a better programmer. The only people who can't learn Solidity shouldn't be writing Dapps directly onto the Lisk chain either. XD

Solidity requires to be compiled which means that you can catch bugs and stuff before they get on the chain. It also ensures that no non-deterministic behavior gets through while on Lisk it can.


One thing you're missing is that Lisk apps don't get deployed directly onto the main chain. With LIsk, each app (or DAPP) gets deployed onto its own sidechain.

It kind of blew my mind that the white paper, branding, crowdsale, creation, and on-going forum discussions of Lisk seemed easier than just learning to write Solidity. That was the first thought that entered my brain reading the white paper, it just seemed like a lot of extra work. I started with Javascript about a year ago with my intention being to learn Solidity when I felt comfortable With JS. I'm starting to learn solidity point is that if I could do it more or less on my own, How is it too hard for an experienced programmer? Is this not like hanging your own "Banos" signs the restroom door @ your favorite restaurant because you have a lot of Spanish speaking friends?

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