LISK platform the best platform for passive income 11% per year

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if you are looking for passive income from your money it is worth to invest in LSK token and stake your coins. This is similar to borrowing your money to bank and the bank rewards you with few %. Currently in Europe current rates are around 0,5% to 1,2% per year. With staking LSK coins you get up to 1% per month. This doesn't look much but in a year you get 11,26 % and this is much better than in bank.

So why someone would give you 11% per year?

As LSK holder (shareholder) you have power to vote groups of people (delegates) that are confirming transactions on the network. For this transaction confirmations they are rewarded with LSK coins. Those groups share those rewards to people that voted for them. Each group has different rules of reward sharing, so if you want to maximise profit you must vote specific delegates.

Easiest way to do that is using:

This is not always the best for LSK community because in this case you are voting for the biggest "cartel" groups, but if you are looking just for profit this it the best way.

Where to buy LSK?

Here is list of active exchanges:

How to vote/stake LSK:

you must install LISK wallet ( ) on your computer and transfer bought LSK from exchange to your wallet address. Than you must enable voting on the left side of menu.

then you use site to quickly select and confirm the delegates who share most rewards.

Here you can check how much rewards you got and are not yet transferred to your account:

Usually the reward lower than 1 LSK is not transferred because there is 0,1 LSK transfer fee and thus is not economical to transfer smaller amounts (this will be solved in future with dynamic fees. Low about will have low transfer fee and vice versa).

Is this safe? Is Lisk safe?

There is bigger risk when compared to banks but also bigger reward. Lisk is Berlin based company with transparent financial plan and communication. Lisk is one among best platforms out there and in recent concurrency ranking of China republic was placed on 3rd place among all currencies. You know.. China has enormous investing potential.

Other benefits of holding LSK:

Now LSK has in my opinion very low price. Price is around 10 usd/LSK. As you can see from chart, correction is near end and price will go up to at least 40 usd/LSK. And this could be additional 400% profit in one year.

I hope this helps you get additional passive income. It is not so easy for newcomer to understand all that stuff but you have a lot of helpful sources on the net, also you are encouraged to ask for details in comments.

Happy voting and awards collecting!