COMNITY - Lars Lode @laloelectrix ( You can find me on LinkedIn now )

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You can find me on LinkedIn now !!

COMNITY - Lars Lode @laloelectrix

( Part 1 )

I know there is a lot of months of hard work to do and my vision is clear :
To give artists a platform where creativ people can connect and show their artwork.
It is very important to network around the world and use the great power of SocialMedia.
COMNITY is doing that by providing informations , knowledge and coaching.
Yes and of course selling and get rewards of your hard creativ work !!
Using the system of a combination of the mainstream and decentralized SocialMedia and apps
COMNITY is the place to be !!
With SMT ( Smart Media Token ) I found a possibility to get those rewards to the artists AND supporters
Uploading your highquality content such as photos, videos, livestreams and audio, following, likes and comments or curate awesome content you can already earn cryptocurrency STEEM via Steemit @steemitblog or even others like XAP @appics.official and the Vice Industry Token @viceindustry .

( Part 2 )

COMNITY is a hybrid website .
That means COMNITY is a website from where you will get referred to the decentralizied SocialMedia and apps where you make an account for free and get rewards.
COMNITY itself is located & user on Steemit too.

My interim goal is 2020 with having COMNITY its own SMT ( Smart Media Token )
and cryptocurrency CC (COMNITY COIN)

With this cryptocurreny you can pay your ads on mainstream SocialMedia and get more reach, fame and growth or downloads, buy and sell peer to peer, invest or change to other cryptocurrencies like trade.
COMNITY website is a pool of creativ community where people can connect for business similar as LinkedIn.
COMNITY website is a pool of creativ community where people can connect for fun & friends.
COMNITY website is a community driven website.
COMNITY website includes @comnityrecords a full record label
COMNITY website includes @SPWTV ( Support Promotion Worldwide TV ) for livestreaming
COMNITY website includes @comnityshop ( Merchandise / streetwear fashion )

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