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In Japan, each food is typically served in a separate bowl. Many people hold their rice bowl in one hand when eating, but when taking food from other bowls the bowls are suppose to remain on the table. As a result, many people never put down their rice bowl even when they reach for other foods. Further, many people then momentarily rest this other food on their rice before eating it, "bouncing" their food. Many don't like this and consider it barbaric.

Casey Baseel gives us the run down to both sides of the argument. One one side:

“Your rice isn’t a plate for the rest of your food. Eating that way is sloppy.”
“It makes the rice dirty.”
“I can’t stand it when people do that. It’s unforgivable.”
“If you want to taste the rice and okazu together, put the okazu in your mouth, then take a bite of rice. It’s really not that hard.”
“If you want to do that, just eat a donburi [pre-made rice bowl with toppings].”
“I don’t really care when a guy does it, but if a girl does it I can’t say I like it very much.”

on the other:

“I end up doing this. I know it looks messy, but I just can’t help myself.”
“Putting a piece of yakiniku on your rice bowl, then eating it together with rice in the same bite, is just the BEST. I don’t care what anyone else thinks about it.”
“Getting the rice all messy with sauces makes it taste better.”
“I hear people complain about this a lot, but what’s the big deal? I don’t do it, but I don’t care if other people do.”
“I’ve seen an actor bounce his okazu on his rice in a TV commercial.”
“I wouldn’t do it in a fancy restaurant, but in a casual place? Sure.”

I couldn't care less if people eat this way or not, so I find the fact that people are making such a huge deal out of very little entertaining. Then again, I suppose I am a "food bouncer" more often than not, so I would say that, wouldn't I? 😉

LINK: Is it OK to put other food on top of your white rice when eating in Japan?

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fun to read about this culture of rice

When I'm eating, I put meat on rice and have it. If you have ever been Thailand, you can see street food on one dish. 😬

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When I'm eating, I always have meat with rice.

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Others would be ashamed and at least wrote "rice with meat". ;)

I do that all the time. We Chinese put all kinds of dishes on our rice and mix and eat all together

I am a food mixer. I always try to get everything together in one bite.

Of course it is way easier with German food to do this then with Japanese :D