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in #lifestyle6 months ago

I was starting to get a little nervous there for a second.

I started seeing everyone's posts about getting their Steem Silver Rounds in the mail a few weeks before Xmas.

"Okay," I thought. "I'll be getting mine within a couple of days and I'll get to make my post as well. Last year they arrived a little late, too."

So a week went by...

...Then two weeks...

...Then Christmas...

...Then New Years...

...Then another week...

...And another.

Finally, these bad boys showed up in the mail today. I must say, the wait was worth it. These look fantastic.


These rounds are definitely getting better each year and I'm glad I've got my hands on all three years now.





I'm especially liking the fact I've got #0054 for all three years. I wonder what those will be worth in 20 years when Steem has shot to the moon and is a common household word much like Twitter and Facebook are today, cryptocurrency is more common than fiat, and Bitcoin is trading at 1.6 million? Time will tell I suppose.


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