Some Steps That Need To Be Taken To Keep Your PC Active And Faster.

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Good day to all Steemians. Hope all of you are better than ever with the grace of Almighty God.

We often have to get into trouble to use our computer. Almost everyone are familiar with this problems like slowing down, hanging, virus attacks, etc. High configured PCs can have these problems too. All of these factors often cause significant work disruption. However, these things can be easily avoided if you are a little aware about your PC.

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This post is written about some tips to get your PC active and trouble free.

  • Protection from viruses, spyware:
    Many people think that installing antivirus will slow down the PC. But viruses and spyware can slow down your PC even more. It may even delete your important information. For this reason you should install the latest version of any good antivirus on your PC and update it regularly. An anti-spyware should be used as well.

  • Minimal software usage:
    Using more software can slow down your PC. As each software is installed it enters a registry entry. And as these entries in the registry increase, the PC becomes slower. So it should be tried to install as few software as possible. Another good solution is to use portable software. There is no need to install portable software and these can be use without install. So the registry will be clean.

  • The startup program disabling:
    Some software is also auto-launched as soon as your PC is started. This makes the boot-up process slow down. To clear the startup apps, go to the Start menu and click Run or you can press Windows key+R. Then type "MsConfig" and press Enter. A window will open. From there, click on the Startup tab. The programs listed here are auto-starting when your PC starts up. Uncheck any software you don't need here. However, be careful not to uncheck any programs of your system. Then restart the PC. Your boot-up process will be faster than ever.

  • Cleaning Temporary Files, Cookies and Registry:
    Temporary files are stored while performing various tasks and installing software on the computer. These files are absolutely unnecessary. To delete a temporal file, go to the Start menu and go to Run. Now type %temp% and then press enter. Now select all the files by pressing Ctrl + A from the keyboard and press Shift + Delete.

Various web sites store cookies on your PC while browsing the Internet. Most of them are unnecessary and slows down your PC. Click on Tools from the Firefox browser to delete the cookies. Then click on Options and from the window that will open, click on the Privacy tab. Now click on the Clear Now button, select the cookie and click on the "Get Clear Private Data" button to delete the cookie. And if you are using another browser then try Firefox/Waterfox. It's safe, easy, and can browse quickly.

You can use Registry Fix or Registry Easy apps to clean the registry.

  • Exclude multiple messengers:
    Many people have Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, MSN Messenger etc. installed on their PC simultaneously. They also slow down the PC. There are so many software, which allow you to use all in one software. Use PidGin or Digsby for this.

  • Less icons used on desktop:
    Desktop filling with app icons can slow down your PC's startup and other activities. So no more than 2-5 icons are required on the desktop. Use the programs directly from the Start menu or you can try Launchy app.

  • Uninstall unnecessary fonts and software:
    Unnecessary fonts and software should be uninstalled. Fonts are loaded when the PC is started. As a result, the startup slows down. To uninstall the font, delete the unnecessary fonts by going to the Font folder from the Control Panel.

  • Duplicate Cleaner:
    Use a duplicate cleaner app to clean your duplicate files.

  • Disk disk defragments:
    There are many defragments app available in websites. Try a app to defragment your hard disk. It will help to keep your PC active.

Applying these techniques will hopefully make your computer more dynamic and hassle-free.

Thanks to all for stopping by. stay tuned.

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