10 Well Known Apps That Consumes Smartphones Battery So Much.

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Smartphone charges expire faster than feature phones. But some apps consume more battery of our smartphone. This post is about some well known and popular smartphone apps and games, which consume phones battery seriously.

AVG, the well known antivirus software maker, released a list of some of the most widely known apps responsible for consuming charges of smartphone.

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Let's see the apps and games bellow:

  • Candy Crush Saga: The most popular game called Candy Crash Saga is the fastest way to end charges. According to AVG data, the battery, storage and data consumption of the app is high.

  • Pet Rescue Saga: The Pet Rescue Saga game ranks second in terms of absorbing battery charge. This gaming app uses more battery life.

  • Clash of Clans: The popular game app quickly drains the phone's battery. It also cost a huge amount of data.

  • Google Play Services: Phone battery, storage and data consumption rate is higher, as a result this app takes because fourth position. Google Play services are mainly used to update the Google App and Google Play apps.

  • OLX: This app is popular in the list of AVGs. This is very harmful.

  • Facebook and Messenger: In this age, the number of people who do not use Facebook is very less. But the world's most popular social media, also reduces charges. You can use lite apps instead of this apps.

  • WhatsApp: Messaging app WhatsApp also consumes large amount of charge.

  • Lookout Security and Antivirus: Lookout Security and Antivirus protect the smartphone from viruses, malware and hacking. While popular as an antivirus, it is also leading to a reduction in smartphone battery.

  • Android Weather and Clock Widget: The Weather and Clock Widget app is a great way to find out about weather conditions for hours on a daily basis. However, this app is also ready to run out battery.

  • Solitaire: The popular card game app also reduces the charge of smartphone batteries.
    Source: AVG
    Note: This is a list of some well known apps. There are more apps listed in AVG, that consumes battery but not listed here. You Can see them by clicking here

Without these apps, there are some common apps also which consumes battery as well. Such as SnapChat, Flipboard, Tik Tok, Google news, BBC News Etc.

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