PoD, LIFESTYLE Buy-Back & Burn and Overview of Our Market

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Hey all! We hope you enjoyed your little steemvacation during all the madness that occurred post HF21 and then post HF22 as Steemit, Inc. worked out some kinks in the blockchain.

Spirits can be shaken, people can spur up FUD.

Overall, sh*t happens... We just have to deal with things as they happen and adapt to ever evolving circumstances.

LIFESTYLE Token Buy-Back & Burn:

We have gotten a few questions related to the LIFESTYLE token market. Namely, there are a few concerns with the LIFESTYLE price moving forward and how it will perform for the content creators who continually use our platform and the curators who are digging up worthy content.

As we've mentioned a few times, our PoD strategy is a pillar in our ongoing token economy.

PoD stands for proof of delegation. You may have noticed that some users are getting daily LIFESTYLE payouts from the @life.bounties account.

They are getting these payouts based on their SP delegated to @one.life, which we use to reward the great content creators who are in the #lifestyle community and consistently putting out great content.

Delegators to @one.life receive a fixed 25% APR paid out in LIFESTYLE tokens. We do this by calculating the daily price of LIFESTYLE before the rewards are distributed. This APR is better than nearly every other option out there on Steem... Including Dlease, where the average lease is around 18% APR.

What you may not know is that we use the curation rewards earned to buy and burn LIFESTYLE off the Steem-Engine Marketplace.

This is a very important strategy... Why you may ask?

Well, if there aren't buyback and burns, tokens sink into the ground. Thus, having small and consistent purchases and subsequent burns will continue to keep the LIFESTYLE economy healthy and prosperous.

This benefits all the creators, curators and token holders as it decreases the supply and also thins out the sell orders on the market place.

The fact that so little LIFESTYLE has been airdropped has made our market very thin.

Some may think this is a bad thing, but we think it's the opposite.

Because the market is so thin, doing small and consistent buy-backs effectively raises the price by 20-50% on a regular basis.

For example, our latest buy-back and burn brought the price from .08 to .123 and it wasn't even a very large buyback.

When Do Buybacks Happen?

Buybacks happen randomly throughout the week based on how much curation rewards (in SP) we are bringing in. We also plan to add other tokens (such as PAL, LEO, etc.) with the aim of increasing our curation rewards and thus, the amount of LIFESTYLE we can buy and burn from the market.

The buybacks will happen frequently throughout the week, but they will also happen randomly.

This is to avoid a few issues that can occur when buybacks are predictable in their timing.

How Can You Help #lifestyle?

Post great content.
Curate great content.
Enjoy the community.
Delegate to @one.life (optional & earns a fixed 25% APR)


I just have delegated 1000 SP to your account. Hopefully, I will be getting daily tokens. Let's see..

I like your project and want to do some delegation. Can you please help to answer few queries-
1- If I delegate 100 SP then howmany tokens I will get
2- Do you pay daily or weekly?
3- any additional benefit of staking tokens


It depends on the current LIFESTYLE price, as the calculation is redone each day depending on the market price. It is 25% APR on SP delegated.

So you would earn 25 STEEM worth of LIFESTYLE each year, but the amount of LIFESTYLE may change on a day to day. So it would be 25 STEEM worth of LIFESTYLE if you sold the tokens each day at the current market price (hodling the tokens if you think the price could go up in the future would mean a higher than 25% APR)

We pay daily. Benefit of staking tokens is a bigger upvote on the platform. Just like hodling SP on Steem

hope that helps!

Loving it. Keep up the good work, team

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Thank you 💪🏽

I just started on this platform. How do I activate the lifestyle miner token on steem engine

Hey! Just stake the lifestyle miner tokens from your wallet page by clicking the "lock" icon

Thanks i will earn as much as I can

How does the miner work though

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Great post. I'll delegate some sp now!!
[DONE] both my accounts have delegated to @one.life (@pushpedal and @cryptof). I fully support your project!
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Delegated 10 SP 😁

at this time I will never sell lifestyle tokens. I plan to increase the strength of lifestyle to reach 2 thousand. this is a wish that I really hope for. I will continue to buy when the lifestyle price is low. and I will continue to try to show the best content.

I like lifestyle projects that focus on lifestyle.

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Grear, thanks for this post!

KuCoin will perform a buy back of a 4,500,000 KCS and release the burn record on November 7, 2019 (UTC+8). See details here; https://www.kucoin.com/news/en-kcs-team-will-buy-back-and-burn-4500000-kcs/?utm_source=tftj

@one.life, Some cool plans team. Hope that these efforts and plans will payoff. Keep up.

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@one.life are their plans to incorporate the new nitrous ads? (Please make this happen)

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Finally, a sign of life! :D
Agree with the buyback plan and the initial thin supply of tokens will hold the price. Got a little worried seeing it plummet so much during the last days and as there was no official post or answer from you guys.

How long after staking miners does it take to earn lifestyle

How can i upvote from @one.life by using #lifestyle tag???

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