LM & LIFESTYLE Are All Gone! | Burn Update and Our Vision for Lifestyle

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It's official! We are now 7 days old!

LIFESTYLE and LM are now sold out in the market. We burned the remaining sell orders and now it's all open market, peer-to-peer orders on Steem-Engine.

The final numbers stack up like this:

  1. 49,033.422 LIFESTYLE Burned
  2. 2,237.432 LM Burned

We just want to say thank you for an awesome launch! We could never have anticipated such a great response from the community.

Looking to the Future of Lifestyle

#lifestyle is all about living in the moment and sharing your best life with your fellow community members.

This can be felt to a great degree here on Steem because we all come from different walks of life.

We all have unique perspectives and experiences. Lifestyle is about celebrating you.

Our mission with lifestyle is to take bring in all sorts of new and passionate creatives from around the world and show them what #lifestyle is about and that social media on the blockchain is the future of all media.

We're looking for lifestyle influencers and #lifestyle ambassadors to go out on traditional social media channels and spread the word about Steem and https://one-life.io.

If you're interested in working with us, please DM us on Discord and join our Discord channel

Additionally, we have this idea to offer products/services related to #lifestyle to our community in exchange for LIFESTYLE tokens. We would burn a small portion and then deliver a larger chunk to the creator of the product/service.

If you've got a merch company or an ebook or a coaching service, etc. and are interested in working with us on this as well, please feel free to hit us up on discord!

PoD (Proof of Delegation) Update:

We've got over 10,000 SP in delegations to @one.life! Thank you for supporting #lifestyle content! If you'd like to support content in our community, feel free to delegate SP to @one.life for a fixed 25% APR paid out in LIFESTYLE tokens!

Lifestyle On Steempeak
Discord channel


I'm really enamored with the tribe. As I said before, I was working on the exact same tribe before you launched. I feel like I didn't get enough miners but I'll see how the market shakes out. I would like to see more steemians jump into this tribe so I think outreach is in my future. Good luck!!

You took too much time :P

But you can kind of claim ownership of this one by staking tokens, so you should do that... and get some miners while you're at it... let's make this community a success story!

Well it sucks that these guys who are behind the project obviously don't care as much about the project as you would have.
No comment or post or answer to any of my comments (concerns) in the past 7 days, but they are still using their delegated SP to vote for content...
Shady shady stuff and it also shows in the price plummeting fast. I wish I would have sold my big share now, rather than keeping it.. :S

I don't understand. Did something happen to the tribe?

Well the thing is, that nothing is happening for over a week. No posts, no replies to my comments but they are still using their SP and delegated SP to upvote content on the daily.

What exactly is not clear about that? :D

Not sure. The price is still higher than when it launched and so is the miners so that seems ok. I'll keep posting there for awhile and see what happens. It's all a gamble I suppose.

Yeah, you're right about that. I still find it a little bit concerning that there is no interaction between community and the management though. Especially if I'm asking questions that go unanswered, but there is still enough time for them to vote on content lol.

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Wow, well done. Let's see what the prices do now 😁

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@one.life, Celebrating One self is really important because as you said everyone holds their unique journey and when these journeys takes the form of expression then people can motivate each other with their unique versions of life. Keep up team and have a successful journey ahead.

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10 LM gladly purchased and staked ❤️🙌

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70 so far here... really a great project!

Great ! 💙 @one.life

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I love the fact you keep burning tokens and you actually worry about the token's supply - demand curve, and for that reason I'm going to invest heavilly into it.

Already started buying miners and staking tokens. Bought 70 miners already with more open orders.


No more updates from creators? It was said that there will be available info on the airdrop and coming stuff. What happened?

price also plummeting right now

Still no reply and price is dropping further and further. If you don't have time to manage this project, why start it in the first place and make people BELIEVE it is not some type of "Exit Scam" and then don't act upon it, not even revealing your steem identities?
Shady at best

Am staking all I've got... Cheers! 👍

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