Introducing the Lifestyle Weekly Update

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It's been quite some time since we made an official post. Many of the things we have been doing have been a lot more behind the scenes work on bigger additions, but we have slacked on consistent updates on the small enhancements we have made.

We have made some posts, but never pulled the trigger and hit that glorious "Post" button. It seemed futile to make posts on the small happenings, but we have been convinced otherwise.

To avoid this situation going forward, we are now doing weekly updates to keep the #lifestyle community completely in the loop as to all the things that we are working on in the past, present and future. We will also be expanding our team so that it's easier for us to keep the ship moving forward.

For our first weekly update, we'll talk about the following:

  • STEEM Payout Added
  • Official Brave Publisher Integration
  • Team Badges (and the search for more team members)
  • Steemleo's LeoDex Integration
  • Posted From Badge
  • A More Optimized Experience
  • Ads?
  • Lifestyle Magazine

Steem Payout Added

We're pretty excited about this feature. We added the ability to see how much STEEM your post is earning directly from Just click on the payout amount dropdown to see exactly how much STEEM your post is currently earning.

Note: this feature works from your feed, personal blog page and also the page of any author. It doesn't work on pages like /trending, or /hot due to the load it drives to the interface.

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 5.12.58 PM.png

Official Brave Publisher Integration

It took a bit of back and forth to get verified as a brave publisher. We eventually pulled through and got the verifcation. Now, when you visit the interface, you can support us with BAT tokens from tips and/or your monthly contributions.

All of BAT creator rewards go toward buying and burning LIFESTYLE off the market. This will help provide more sustainability for our token's price over time.

Team Badges (and the search for more team members)

We've added team badges, like many of the other tribes. We are looking to expand our team as well and bring on some curators (who will receive LIFESTYLE stake to curate content) as well as a magazine editor. If you're interested in one of these positions, please leave a comment down below.

Steemleo's LeoDex Integration

Steemleo launched their LeoDex which features some things that the tribe founder wished were on Steem-Engine's exchange and also has that lion touch to the whole site. We are excited to be one of the first tokens to list on the exchange.

Steemleo has provided us with a lot of assistance, as we believe many other tribes have experienced as well. The founder is great and he's always around to answer our questions when we need help. Most of our site integrations are because of their help through their Labs project.

Check out the LIFESTYLE token on their site:

Posted From Badge

We've just reached out to founder of Steemleo to see if we can add this to our interface. They have it over on their interface and it would be a cool addition to the site.

Currently, we reward a lot of different creators who consistently post using our tag with our STEEM POWER (currently, 50,000 SP). We are considering the move to upvoting only the content that has a badge (posted from our interface), similar to steemleo's @leo.voter account.


Tribe token prices are going down pretty much across the board. We haven't been immune to this hit. For a little while, we had a stable price and it was cool to see that, but since then we have seen a decline that tracks with many of the other tribes out there.

The main issue, as most of you are probably aware, is that there needs to be regular buy/burn action on the exchange. Or at least more reasons to use the token.

Ads are a relatively obvious integration, but we want to hear some opinions about it first as we don't want it to ruin the UX of our interface. It's likely that we'll add them because the value that it could drive back to our token could be very meaningful. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Lifestyle Magazine

We've been working on something called the Lifestyle Magazine. We want this to become a staple in our program for community outreach both within #steem and also outside of #steem. We want to go to places like Twitter, Linkedin, Medium, Facebook, etc. and share a #lifestyle magazine that features some of the best posts from our community.

At first, we may start off doing a weekly magazine, but it would be nice to scale that up in the future.

Again -- we need to add more people to our team to make this all happen. We are looking for a chief editor for the magazine. Someone who will curate the top posts in #lifestyle and then format those posts into our template and post them on a consistent schedule.

Rewards for this position would be paid out in a LIFESTYLE delegation (to help with curation), beneficiary rewards to the lifestyle magazine posts and then other potential bounties.

We hope these consistent updates will give everyone a better idea of what we have been up to as well as what we want to accomplish in the near-future. We are working on something that is truly big, but it could be some time to see it come to fruition as we climb over some of the bigger obstacles that lie on the road.

In the meantime, these smaller but nonetheless, meaningful updates and integrations will help to move our community forward and hopefully provide better price action for our token hodlers.

Our STEEM POWER has been growing steadily as well, which makes us better able to support #lifestyle content creators. We're doing a buyback and burn curation rewards program as well which we will update you with in the weekly posts with the specific numbers of LIFESTYLE being bought and burned from the exchange.

All LIFESTYLE author rewards from official posts will be burned to @null

Live & Share Your Best Life,


Great update. I was afraid the project was dying, but it seems like you guys are there after all

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Nice! Glad to see an update finally come out. I know it's been tough to keep up with everything, but I think this will help turn #lifestyle back to the right path 🦁

See ya soon ;)

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I'm very glad to hear this. And will continue to support this project as long as the devs show continued progress., Weekly Updates sounds good team and it's appreciable aspect. And waiting to hear about new developments, Good wishes from my side team and stay blessed.

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why is there no update regarding token lifestyle?
this will cause fans to decrease.

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