Not earning much Steem from blogging on Steemit ? Try Publish0X

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I don’t seem to be earning much Steem from my posts anymore.

I think with the latest Hardfork HF21 that is for the whales and maybe earning some
Curation steem dust if you vote on their super popular posts at the 5 minute mark.

I may be wrong. I have not given up on Steemit. I will keep trying. Thank you to all those that continue to support my blog with their upvotes at the 5 minute mark. I am happy to share 50/50 rewards for your Curation.

In the mean time I am earning some extra BAT (Basic Attention Tokens) and DAI stable coins by Sharing my original Photography and Artwork and other random thoughts over on Publish0X...

You get paid by other bloggers in Crypto Tips like BAT and Dai ....

There is an incentive to give out tips since you also earn Curation crypto from tipping others...

There is no 7 day limit on your earnings, You earn for Life..

You can also sign up others and earn a % of their blog posts tips for Life.

The best thing about earning BAT and DAI is that you can send them to Coinbase and convert to Bitcoin.... or even cash out via PayPal.

I still love Steemit but I think the more Crypto I can earn by blogging my original content the Better... especially when I can earn a little passive income via a referral Link. If only Steemit had a Referral Link....



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I did try Publish0x a while back but isn't the Minimum Withdrawal Limit pretty high?

I am earning 10 BAT every few days. Minimum to withdraw is 2.8 BAT ... C985B16A-7F2D-4FD4-848E-45D819072DB1.jpeg

They offer different crypto tips all the time. I’m happy to be earning DAI and BAT since they are easy to convert to bitcoin.

I tried it a long time ago so I am not entirely sure but I will give it another look. As there is nothing to lose only gain.

BTW if you are worried about not getting back enough from your Steempower you can delegate it to someone in exchange of daily liquid steem or you can even delegate it to various Delegation services where they give you daily Upvotes based in the SP you delegate to them.

Thanks I have to try something. In the mean time I am manually upvoting great content at 5 minute mark. Will see how it goes.

I am using publish0x for a while. It's awesome.

I am pretty happy earning 10 BAT every week.....

@offgridlife I forgot to ask are you an Author on Publish0x or just a Reader?

I saw that we have to enter some details when we ask to Become an Author. How does that work?

I just used links to some of my Steemit blog posts and was accepted.