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Do those youtube/influencer really follow their routine rigidly as portrayed?

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If so, what is the secret? why can’t I be like them? I've been trying to find the answer to that but I’ve yet to find it. Anyhow, this time, I am attempting to describe the current routine I have when I am identifying myself as a university student.

Life as a university student is much more different than life as a freelancer. There is a schedule I must follow in order to get grades and graduate. I pretty much don’t get to decide if I should work during night time or in the middle of the night. Sometimes, I feel like part of my control is stripped away. But again, life is about adapting and adjusting, isn't it?

During my freelance days, there were no homework, exam and reports. There were only documents and pending deliveries that have to be met. Then, as soon as I delivered them, I would get paid. For that reason, I enjoy being a freelancer more than being a university student. The differences between then and now have also influenced my daily routine, including my evening routine.

Actually, my evening routine expectation is quite simple. As long as I get to sleep; I will be happy. However, being back into the academic life, I require more time to do my assignment. Hence there are some adjustments I make which I am going to write the details below. But without further adieu, here are routines I do almost every evening from late August (my first day back to school):

Winding down and Freshen up

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After a sweaty day, I prefer to get freshen up before I make my dinner and do my homework. I normally arrive by 6-7 pm but sometimes it can be earlier. My dinner is usually consisting of simple meals. I also like to dine out and think about the next day's plan. Later, I will share what I eat during the day.

Having dinner + evening snacks and revising my lecture notes

Realistically, I will eat my evening snacks, grab my phone and napping until 9 p.m. But sometimes, I tried to revise what I learned from the class especially if there will be an essay for the following day or week.

Brew tea and surfing the interwebs

This is depends. For instance, after waking up from my nap, I usually turn on my water heater and brew green tea/any teas[I am not picky]. After that, I am turning on my laptop and starts checking steemit. I try to only check steemit for 2,5 hours but sometimes I can go overboard. I also like to catch up on e-mails and trying to improve my personal portfolio. That way, after graduating, I will be able to get clients who will hire me remotely. Another scenario, I will just forget the whole tea cult ritual and straightly turning on my laptop.


Ilustration by pexels

Before going to bed, I try to dedicate 10-15 minutes to journal my day so that I can sleep at ease. When I don't journal, I usually forget all the things I did + immediate tasks that I should follow up the following day.

In reality and based on my observation, not many of us even have the time for journaling. But seriously, there is a difference when you pen down your monkey mind- cluttered thoughts- vs when you're not. Don't believe me? try it yourself.

Brushing teeth and sleep

Ilustration by pexels

After I put back everything in place, I brush my teeth and turn off all the lights. I can never sleep with lights on because it will signal my brain to continue working and scrolling over my phone/tablet. I try to sleep 6-7 hours/day but sometimes I sleep 5 hours/day and feel rejuvenated. It's strange but that's what it is.

Then, I wake up as early as 5-6 a.m naturally.

Ilustration by pexels

Although I set an alarm for 7 a.m, I often wake up naturally at 5-6 a.m. However there are cases when I am sleep deprived the previous days; then will wake up as late as 11 and feel sluggish. I actually much prefer waking up early because I get more things done. In the next post, I will share my morning routine as well.

Those are my current evening routine that I try to follow everyday. Do you have a set of evening routine that you follow everyday? Share your evening routine in the comment section.

By the way, I can’t help yet wonder, don’t they (youtubes/influencers)have pizza nights and sweatpants day? Because sometimes I fail to even follow my routines rigidly.

~ Mac ~

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Lol i have zero routines, except for procrastinating everyday.

Don't we all? there are days when I do that as well :p


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