Street market and pedal boats + music

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Hello everyone good morning hope you are all good and well today here's a picture I took of a street market in Greenwich south east london Greenwich is a great place to visit if you are ever in east London well it's quite easy to get to from any part of London InShot_20190904_075956544.jpg
The second picture is a picture I took of some pedal boats at the park in Greenwich south east london it's a really good park it has a huge play area for the kids loads of greenery these cool pedal boats you can hire loads of other things to do

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Here's a track I dun with my good jet from roll deep I've known him for a long time along with all the rolldeep members I grew up with a lot of them

And here's a track from a good friend of mine I've known wiley for years we all use to hang about in a basketball court in east London so great artists come from my bits even dizze rascal was about


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It's a couple of years since I've been over to Greenwich - it's a great place to spend the day. I like the market, you can often get original art and ceramics there, and there's lots of street food. The park is beautiful, too, I like it at dusk when the lasers start up across the river.

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I agree it's a really great place to spend all day so much to do thanks for stopping by I appreciate it 👍🏾