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RE: Clearing Up All of The Misconceptions About the Lifestyle Tribe

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What do you mean for "Obvious Reasons!?" There is no reason what so ever to not want to say your names and who you are. What are your Obvious reasons!?
Anyways , other then the very low post payouts, I think my very first post only made 1 cent lol , even though I upped your first intro. post at 100% and resteemed it, I do like the concept and will be posting daily as most of my posts are about Country living Lifestyle / cooking and BBQ etc. Best of luck to you 🙋😎


Lol. That 1 cent was from me! Anyways, it looks like your more recent posts are doing much much better.

Hahaha, Thanks for the vote it's much appreciated and the thought that counts more then anything else! 👍😄

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