A quick look at Lifestyle Miner returns.

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I was having a look at the performance of my LIFESTYLE Miner Tokens, and thought it would be worth sharing the results so far. It is a good time for comparison, as the remaining miners will be burnt soon, and no more will be created. Also, my token income so far has not had any post payout or curation returns in it to date, so its easy to compare results.


5 Days ago, I purchased 100 LM tokens and staked them straight away on this account.

This purchase cost me 120 STEEMP, as I was lucky to be able to buy them at the initial launch price and the first day. They are currently valued at 203.6 STEEM (current price 2.036 STEEMP each).

In the last 5 days, I have received 20.068 LIFESTYLE tokens (half staked and half liquid) as mining returns.

At the current LIFESTYLE price, these are worth 2.568 STEEM. (current price of LIFESTYLE is 0.128 STEEMP) That equates to a daily return of 0.5136 STEEM per day.

My initial investment will be covered in 234 Days.

120 STEEM will take 234 days to recover at the rate of 0.5136 per day Over 12 months, if the current rate of return were to continue, I would make 187.464 STEEM worth of LIFESTYLE tokens, plus the value of the LM tokens themselves. All that is assuming current prices.

156% ROI

If current prices remain stable, that is a really good ROI.

What about at current LM prices?

100 LM would cost around 203.6 STEEM.

If my results continue, ROI is 92% - still good.

Remaining tokens will soon be burnt, with @one.life having no more to sell. Those staked after then will in effect have a fixed percentage share of a growing token supply of LIFESTYLE.

I can't wait to see the value of these Miner tokens in a year or so, as I have hopes that the price of LIFESTYLE should hold up strongly, compared to many tribes. The built in scarcity will support the price. I'm going to be keeping an eye out for LM tokens and adding to my staked stash when I can.

Many of the Tribe Miner Tokens don't give much of a decent return, this one is different.

Remember this isn't financial advice, Do Your Own Research.
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I have some LMs staked and, like you, I am very happy with the mining.
I have also 30 SCTM. Do you know how many SCT tokens I received after two weeks of mining? ZERO!
Are the miners different? Do you know to whom must I talk about it?

Yes, each is set up very differently. LM have made theirs very attractive. I have no experience with SCTM, but I know my LEOMM go ok, but no where near as good as LM look to be.

I have LEOMM and CTPM and I am happy with them. Thank you for the upvote and receive one from my alt-account.

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I bought a few LMiners and a decent amount of Tokens. I wish all of us great success!