I Surprised Myself With A Boudoir Self-Portrait Session: Photographer Reveals All- Part 2

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I Surprised Myself With A Boudoir Self-Portrait Session: Photographer Reveals All- Part 2
By JealousyJane

If I can't practice what I preach to my clients who want to do bedroom or boudoir photography, what kind of hypocrite would I be? I am beautiful whether I believe I am fat or wrinkled or whatever my insecurities want to tell me about myself that is negative. If everyone is beautiful, aren't I beautiful also, despite low self esteem, bad body image, and PTSD from abuse that has left me fighting the voices of the bullies, abusers, rapists in my past?

I want to believe the advice I give to people who reach out to me but feel hesitant for whatever reason. I want them to feel safe, cared for and heard. Today, I gave that gift to myself. Unexpectedly, as I was showering and basking in the extra bright morning sunshine only a blanket of snow can reflect, I thought to myself and decided, "I feel motivated and I want to do an impromptu self portrait boudoir photo session. I want to add my images to the collections I am working to develop."

The original article I wrote can be read here:

And now for the brave and loving self-reveal of part 2...
I hope you enjoy.
sf boudoir2018-11.jpg

sf boudoir2018-13.jpg

sf boudoir2018-21.jpg

sf boudoir2018-17.jpg

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I love this concept here @jealousyjane and I appreciate your courageous choice to share yourself vulnerably here.

Last year I was dealing with so many body issues. Good lord, it was rediciulous, but I chose to love myself even though I wasn't happy with how I looked.

Now I can say that I really do appreciate myself and my looks. I wasn't sure how to love myself first but I just tried... and I put myself out there... and boom things changed.

It looks like you are doing the same and I truly respect that.

Btw: these photos are gorgeous ;-)


~ @axios

PS: I'd love to hear your thoughts about my latest post that I had a ton of fun creating today! 10 Highly Influential Things I Do Every Single Day

If you dont value yourself, no one will