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Much of the manners we learn from our parents and teachers who tell us the importance of being well-mannered. At some point, our manners are categorized as good or bad depending on the society we live in. But there are some manners which are always considered as Bad Manners everywhere. image


  • Biting Nails,
  • Making loud noise,
  • Spitting in public,
  • Picking your nose in public,
  • Eating with your mouth open and slurping sound while eating,
  • Smoking at prohibited places,
  • Coughing, sneezing, and yawning without covering your mouth,
  • Not saying excuse me when required,
  • Not saying please, thankyou and sorry,
  • Acting rude and telling vulgar jokes,
  • Entering someone's room without permission.
  • Rediculing someone for his limitations,
  • Crossing the road wherever you feel like.
  • Etc...

    The way to gain respect in the society is to learn to respect the society also. All good manners start from home. Having good manners is not just about blending with the best; rather it is more about considering the feelings of others and taking responsibility.
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