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RE: LM & LIFESTYLE Are All Gone! | Burn Update and Our Vision for Lifestyle

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I'm really enamored with the tribe. As I said before, I was working on the exact same tribe before you launched. I feel like I didn't get enough miners but I'll see how the market shakes out. I would like to see more steemians jump into this tribe so I think outreach is in my future. Good luck!!


You took too much time :P

But you can kind of claim ownership of this one by staking tokens, so you should do that... and get some miners while you're at it... let's make this community a success story!

Well it sucks that these guys who are behind the project obviously don't care as much about the project as you would have.
No comment or post or answer to any of my comments (concerns) in the past 7 days, but they are still using their delegated SP to vote for content...
Shady shady stuff and it also shows in the price plummeting fast. I wish I would have sold my big share now, rather than keeping it.. :S

I don't understand. Did something happen to the tribe?

Well the thing is, that nothing is happening for over a week. No posts, no replies to my comments but they are still using their SP and delegated SP to upvote content on the daily.

What exactly is not clear about that? :D

Not sure. The price is still higher than when it launched and so is the miners so that seems ok. I'll keep posting there for awhile and see what happens. It's all a gamble I suppose.

Yeah, you're right about that. I still find it a little bit concerning that there is no interaction between community and the management though. Especially if I'm asking questions that go unanswered, but there is still enough time for them to vote on content lol.

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