Food Sensitivity Results - Surprising Outcome

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I wrote weeks ago about taking a Food Sensitivity Test. It tests for food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities.

Link -Allergy Test

I finally got my results back and I did get some surprises!

I cannot believe I a have food intolerances for these items. I am not really sure which one is the most shocking.

It appears I have an intolerance to honeydew melon. Have not had any in really long time! I do not remember the last time I had any, and it's not something I really crave so I will not be missing it!

Same goes with Trout and Sole, while I have not had them in awhile, I wonder if it just these too, or if I have a whitefish allergy. I really like catfish, perch, walleye, and lots of other locally caught fish so I really hope that’s not the case.

It looks as if I do have a slight dairy intolerance. It is not a lactose intolerance, but Bovine Lactoferrin. Is something equally found in dairy products - milk, cheese, whey. This will be a big one as I do take whey protein and love cheese!

Lastly, the biggest surprise...Cayenne! I love cayenne and hot peppers. I put hot sauce on my food almost every day. I take baths in cayenne. I really hope this doesn't mean I am intolerant to other peppers as well. Every summer , I grow hot peppers like Habanero, Trinidad Scorpion, Carolina Reaper, and Ghost Pepper. I seriously am infatuated with Cayenne and Hot peppers so this will be a tough one for me.

Which begs the question..or many questions...How much should we trust these results? Even if we are intolerant and love these things, should we still consume them? I have been avoiding Cayenne but I am not sure I should. Just because I am intolerant, is there any way around it? Did I get intolerant from consuming too much? Can I become tolerant again? I can live without dairy, but please don't take my Cayenne away from me!

I certainly implore you to try out one of these tests. It could important in finding out something about how your body works. Please follow and/or upvote if you enjoyed the post!

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Bummer about the cayenne. At least you aren't intolerant to something like brewer's yeast.

Not even sure I would I do with my life if that happened


Wow so good to be an enterprenuer atleast u made it your self all through. It is cool anyways
It look delicious.

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That’s interesting but I actually thgt there would be more things on your list.

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