I enjoyed the natural beauty of the waterfall on a holiday.

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this is my lifestyle and my activities on holidays. after tired of working a full week, on Sundays I spend time to visit tourist attractions. the tour i visited was kuta malaka waterfall. I'm very curious about this waterfall. I heard a lot from some friends that the waterfall of Kuta Malacca has a beautiful beauty. and in my opinion the waterfall of kuta malaka is pretty good.



To get to this waterfall, I spent about 1 hour. a little tiring for me to get here. because of the road going up. but when I got to the location of the waterfall, my fatigue was a little lost. Because of its good beauty.


kuta malaka waterfall has several levels. I'm too tired to raise the topmost place. because my legs have been very sore when walking from the vehicle parking lot to the location. I think this waterfall is very quiet visited by many people. but I was wrong, apparently many also visited the location of this waterfall. they showered and were very happy. actually I also really want to take a shower. but I didn't bring a change of clothes.



what about your activities on holidays? Do you like visiting tourist attractions on holidays?

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great shots looking amazing one

Thank you very much my friend