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You know when you've been to so many places that are similar, that the memories start merging in your head? That happens to me quite a bit. At times I can't quite remember exactly which city I saw a particular interesting building, or watched an amazing show.

It even happens to me with photographs. Unless there's an obvious landmark captured like, say, the Sagrada Família or that iconic bridge on the Vistula River, then it might not be immediately clear to me whether café scene was captured in Barcelona or Kraków.


Looking at the horizon on the beautiful island of Gran Canaria

I was going through my photos this morning, seeking inspiration when I suddenly came across this one shown above. For a few minutes, I couldn't quite remember where exactly I took it. From the rocks and the colour of the water, I could tell that it taken in the Atlantic Ocean. I figured it was taken on a Canary Island.

Since I've been to nearly all the islands in the Canaries, it could be any of them, especially Tenerife or Gran Canaria.

Anyhow, that's neither here nor there. The actual inspiration I got from the photo, which is the real point of this post, is related to the horizon. Specifically, it is related to new horizons, and trying out new things and going to new frontiers.

I imagined the day someone looked at such a horizon and decided to go to it and see what's beyond. The desire to go somewhere new for the first time also encouraged the development of the means to get there.

The projects I keep going on about that I am doing in real life are really opening my eyes to new possibilities. Definitely new horizon stuff, and I'm so up for it.

photo 11.jpg

photo 12.jpg

Talking of inspiration, here are two more photos (shown above) that also inspired me today. They were taken in the Czech countryside. Can you guess what inspiration I got from these?

And, by the way, the first photo was taken on Gran Canaria, if you're still wondering :)


Peace and Love ✌🏿

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Oh too bad, so sad! You’re far too young for memory loss!!

JK, as my kids say. If you travel a lot, or do anything at all a lot, that is going to happen.

The only way I remember where I took all my pictures is by organizing them in labeled folders in my hard drive.

Yeah, I need to get organising. In my defence, I make photobooks of every trip :)

Beautiful ocean view

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It's the Atlantic. Yes it is beautiful out there.