Vaccine For Covid-19

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There was news that Covid-19 vaccine are being tested on humans, but how soon will it be before it is used on a whole scale, it remains to be seen. It seems that without a vaccine, the virus is hard to eradicate.

Unfortunately, given some people’s resistance to vaccines, and their believe that Covid-19 is their government trying to control them, and that they are exercising their rights when they choose not to wear a mask, I am thinking that Covid-19 will be with us longer than need be.

In this age of technology, when information is freely and easily available, people think they know better now, when in fact, they have stopped using their grey cells, and are becoming stupid instead. No wonder they say a little knowledge is dangerous.

The WHO has warned that although a few countries have managed to contain the virus, for most countries, it is either just the beginning, or they are experiencing a resurgence. Hence, the fight with Covid-19 is far from over.

In fact, the virus is winning. That much is certain after more than seven months into a shape-shifting pandemic that has killed over 586,000 people worldwide. The virus is gaining ground globally, and has disrupted lives from Wuhan to all corners of the world.

I think WHO is getting exasperated. It urges countries to wake up, to take the pandemic seriously. “The data is not lying, the situation on the ground is not lying.” It said. “The Covid-19 is the number one public enemy.”

So, listen up, people. Covid-19 is not “just a little flu”. The virus is 50 to a 100 times more lethal than the seasonal flu. Covid-19 is very real. Don’t believe the conspiracy theorists that it is the government’s plan to control you. Not everything has to be about you. As a nurse put it, when asked about what he thinks that some people believe the Covid-19 is a hoax by the government to control the population, “It is almost funny, if it hasn’t been so devastating.”

So, be a good citizen. Wear a mask when you are out in public. It won’t kill you. And you won’t kill anybody. But if you don’t wear a mask, it might kill you, or you might kill somebody. There is a time to be skeptical. But this pandemic is very real. It has brought the world to its knees. It is not about you or your government at all. It's a global pandemic. Let's all play our parts so that we can defeat the virus once and for all. The sooner we succeed, the sooner we can go back to some normalcy of our lives.

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A couple of Covid-19 humour.

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