DIESEL Only-The-Brave®️ | Why It Was Okay To Wait 25 Years For This Shirt

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You can't have everything you want, but you can have the things that really matter to you. And thinking that way empowers you to work really hard long period of time. - Marissa Mayer, former President and CEO Yahoo

I couldn't agree more, Marissa.

This is probably one of the most important lessons in life, and thanks to my parents I already learned it at a very early stage.

Everybody in school suddenly started to wear them. It was back in 1993 and there was literally nobody not having one of those DIESEL Only-The-Brave®️ shirts and sweaters.

That iroquois somehow became a secret label among the coolest, a distinction everybody wanted to possess.

Of course I told my mom I urgently needed one of those pieces, but she was so NOT willing to pay $80 for only one sweater. So I tried to convince my dad, but his reaction wasn't the one I hoped for either:

Who would want to wear such an idiot in front of their chests?

Oh, daddy... I honestly didn't know how to reply to that one.

In theory, my parents absolutely had a point. The monetary value of that piece of clothing was surely far below $80. Yet to me the ideological value would've legitimated the purchase still.

One year later nobody was talking about those sweaters anymore and I suddenly realized that I had probably been overestimating the hype.

In the end that situation taught me something incredibly important: Life is full of temptations and there will always be many things you want to have in it.

Yet, the fact that you can't always instantly get what you desire, may be contributive to your own value system in the long run.

Thank you for the great lesson, mom and dad :-)

@surfermarly finally being part of the brave ones

The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting. - Andy Warhol

To be precise I waited 25 years until finally becoming part of the cool gang.

I wonder what my friends from school would say if they saw me wearing one of these now. They probably wouldn't even remember the brand - since they were always wearing the expensive ones and it wasn't anything special to them.

To me in fact it's always been.

I'm pretty sure that the way I was educated has a huge stake in my today's behavior. I'm grateful for the life I'm able to live, but I also know that I've been working hard to get here.

Few things in life come for free, and the certainty that you worked hard for something makes it become even more valuable to you.

My mission: work hard for your dreams and indulge yourself once you accomplished the goal.


I really believe I've been brave enough lately to finally deserve the label :-)

A couple of days ago I accidentally came across the shirt in an online fashion store, and I immediately knew what I had to do.

When I opened the parcel today's morning, suddenly all the memories from school evoked and I smiled back at them.

Big times.

Marley -


EDIT: DIESEL just liked this on Twitter (reach: 177K followers) :-)

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@surfermarly, when I was at school and later a student I used to buy Diesel. It was one of my favorite brands. I used to buy jeans, T-shirts, jackets and, of course, shoes.
During the last 5 years I have completely changed my attitude towards buying those expensive brands. I have even asked myself many times: was it a nonsense to buy all that not cheap brands at that time? Was it a waste of money?

Anyway! I don't regret about buying those clothes at that time. But, the only thing I would like to add is that the Diesel jeans, imho, are of a very high quality. All jeans that I used to buy, used to wear out in 3-5 months. Even now I buy jeans every 3-4 months ... unfortunately. But the Diesel jeans were the only ones that I was able to wear for 2-3 years.

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I fully agree: DIESEL Jeans are of an especially high quality. I have some, too. They were pretty expensive but totally worth the investment.

Since I never had many labeled stuff, I can't tell you if it was a waste of money. Probably it provided you with a certain confidence you wouldn't have had without the brands, so it was perhaps good for some reason. Also you shouldn't ever regret since you can't turn back time and at that point in time in the past you just thought it was the absolute right thing to do :-)

Thanks for stopping by and adding your thoughts, @cryptospa! It's been appreciated.

Fashion is fleeting but sometimes things will come back into our lives to remind us of a time and place. To remember who we were then and reflect on how far we’ve come and the challenges that have been overcome.

I couldn't have said this any better, Stephen!
Sorry for the late reply, I took the weekend off with the family :-)
Have a great Mondayyy

I am very excited as We get in a plane in 24hrs and fly to London to start our 4 week holiday. Unfortunately Canary Islands are not on our itinerary this time.

Ooooh, lovely!!! Have a wonderful time :-)
If you ever include Canaries, let me know.

Hey Diesel, send this girl some more t-shirts!

And I'll take an extra large, mine is about 15 years old but still going!

Haha! Yeah send her more stuff and she'll be even promoting it in her blog :-)

You have one of those shirts since 15 years? Now I'm jealous! :-D

I know you've written about Steem being used as advertising, paying the content creators to wear goods - I think there is still scope for this :)

Not exactly the same, it is Diesel and I think uses the tagline somewhere. I had a few and didn't mind paying over the average because they are good quality material and (as proven), last for years :)

I fully agree! DIESEL is one of my favorite brands especially due to the high quality. I bought a pair of jeans in 2001 in San Francisco and they will probably last a lifetime.

Gotta dm you with regards to the advertising thing :-)

Sexy as always!

Haha, thank you Phillie! Straightforward as always 😁

How's life? Hopefully treating you well, just as you deserve it.
Have you seen my speech in Mallorca? What a thrill! :-))
We need to catch up, let's do a phone call one day.
Big hugs & much luv 😘

Me want lambo now, bitcoin moon! 😂😂😂

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Haha, as you can see sometimes we need to wait 1/4 century in order to get what we want. Since you're still quite young, that shouldn't be an issue for you 😁

I’m 42! An old man these days 👴🏼🤣

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Wuuuuut! You're older than me? I seriously didn't expect that.
You're well in shape, mister! So everything is aaaalright :-))

Haha, thought you knew! It must be all the vodka I drink everyday 😂😂

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sorry für meine Antwort auf Deutsch, aber Dein Diesel-Shirt waren 10 Jahre zuvor Vanilia Hosen und Puma Basektballstiefel. Die ganze Schule lief damit rum, nur der kleine Frank nicht.
Was ich aber noch sagen muss, das T-shirt steht dir. Ich finde die Farbe passt zur Jeans

Hey! An die Puma Basketballstiefel kann ich mich aber auch noch erinnern :-)
Sorry, dass ich hier so spät antworte übrigens - und Danke, dass Du vorbei geschaut hast! Antworten auf deutsch ist kein Problem. Bei Chinesisch müsste ich passen, aber so gehts :-)

Schönen Tag Dir!

When you worked for it, it’s value retains! Not having it today doesn’t mean can’t have it forever!

I like you @surfermarly. Best wishes!

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Your parents taught you well. Being able to delay gratification and take the time to earn your own money for the things you want is one of the most satisfying aspects of adult life. It makes the experience so sweet when you can finally do it and you appreciate it infinitely more. My father taught me this lesson as well and I frequently thank him for it.

haha I remember those shirts as well, but also never had one. Was it really already 80 bucks back then? It looks cool by the way! ;)

Short cuts make long delays.

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