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  1. The risk of women over 40 years of age is more vulnerable to those who suffer from obesity
  2. Women who have begun from menstrual age, are also high risk factors
  3. Post menopausal is more likely to be in women who have long termed menstrual periods
  4. Even those who do not produce children, their risk is high.
  5. The first child is born at the age of 35 years of age
  6. Breast cancer in your close relatives also increases cancer risk, such as being in first degree relatives.
  7. Inherited genetic Mutation to change the genes due to the family effect
    (BRCA1, 2, P53, ATM, PTEN)
  8. Use alcohol frequently
  9. Working in night shift in some studies also has been described as a risk factor
  10. Radiation therapy of some kind is also the risk to cancer
  11. Some studies suggest that breast feeding reduces cancer risk
  12. His study has been described in long studies in a study.
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