Everything is frequency. What is yours?

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In my mind, the hidden key to understanding this world is understanding that everything is energy, and matter is frozen light.

What do I mean by that? I once saw an interesting video, I cannot remember who it was but they brought information to me that really bent my mind. And I like when my mind is expanded. Its like a drug. Once its expanded, it cannot come back to its original form.

The idea was that if someone created an organ (musical instrument) that was long enough, it would be able to play frequencies so high that it would move from the audible part of the electromagnetic spectrum into other aspects, including color. If you played a key it would produce “blue” instead of noise.

Of course, this is hypothetical because such an instrument would need to be the length of the earth’s diameter, or so it was told.

But the idea is real: as frequency is increased or decreased, the physical matter changes. Look at what happens when you heat an object, like metal. First it becomes red, then it moves through the visible light spectrum…pretty soon it is “white hot” before beginning to melt. What is heat? It is the increased vibrational movement of the “atoms” inside the object. The faster the atoms vibrate, the more heat is produced.

Everything is measurable in frequency, even emotions and thoughts themselves.


Every living thing consists of an energetic or vibrational frequency. You, me, our pets, the chairs we're sitting on…

Since frequencies deal with waves, there is also the idea of amplitude. We learn about all of this in school growing up.

There are two aspects to any given wave and that is its frequency (hz) or cycles / second and the amplitude which is the intensity of the frequency.

In the realm of personal development and growth and influencing outside reality, it is known that the more powerful frequency will tend to cause other frequencies to begin to resonate. We feel this when we are in the room with a particularly engaging person. Some people just seem to have the power to have influence over others, to control the energy so to speak.

Some people make us feel better when we are around them, some make us feel worse. When in tune with your body you can spot the difference.

We also tend to attract those that are on the same frequency spectrum that we are. Have you ever heard the saying “you are the average of the five people you hang out with the most”? This is a prime example.

There is no denying that certain people attract a seemingly disproportionate amount of bad things into their lives. It seems to happen all the time, and no one can explain it. If that person was queried, I would venture that their mindset in general is negative and thus attracts negativity. Where as if you are positive and exhibit love, a higher frequency on the emotional spectrum, you will attract better people into your life.

I have experienced this myself many times. It cannot be explained, it cannot be “proven” because modern science barely gives it a glancing thought, but it is real.

Abraham Hicks

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration — Nikola Tesla

In the new age movement there is a lot of talk about “raising your frequency” and I think that most people sort of roll the eyes at this idea. It doesn’t really have any place in the “real world” right? I mean, you can’t see these frequencies, so how can we prove it?

But that’s where I think people are mistaken. We are shown it. Science shows it. Everything can be measured in frequency, even brainwaves, which can now be associated with thoughts and emotions using brain scans. The information is already here for everyone to see.

How to use it

There is a term known as resonance for when like frequencies are engaged around each other. This is like when an opera singer hits a certain note and causes glass to oscillate and eventually break. If you can hit the same natural frequency of glass, you can begin to form a standing wave where the glass will start to physically shift. It will morph physically, and begin to act as though it were a wave.

There is also the art of cymatics. If you haven’t seen it, it is very interesting indeed! Sand on top of speakers begins to form strange shapes when certain notes are struck.

Here’s an example:

The sand begins to move! It literally is affected physically by sound. This is an example of how an adjacent vibration can affect its surroundings.

This is similar to how the “law of attraction” works in life. When you are on a frequency, mentally and physically, of love, appreciation and gratitude…you can literally change the external environment around you. You can “attract” like frequencies.

If you are starting a business, you can attract people that are like minded. I cannot explain exactly how it works but it does work and many people talk about this. Strange synchronicities occur. People suddenly want your product, or to be engaged in your business.

Again, I have experienced this many times before. Its like literal magic.

So what is the takeaway here? Whatever you think and believe in, you will affect and reflect in your world. You will also attract like minded people and events. It doesn’t mean, by the way, that you don’t have to do the work. Thinking is one thing, but action is the next. If you act with the intention of attracting what you want, give it time, but it will start to manifest.

If you think you will be a failure and there is no hope, guess what? That’s exactly what’s going to be attracted to you. But if you think of helping people and humanity, of spreading good vibes (literally) and then act on those convictions, anything is possible. I look forward to comments below of people who have had similar experiences!

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