'The Only One' Piano Cover by Me

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The Only One

I thought I'll share a little short piano playing by me when I reached back home for Chinese New Year. Tomorrow I would be flying to reality and life so I thought this would be a good way to end my awesome time here during Chinese new Year.

My piano skills aren't of a professional. I learn piano since young until grade 3 and I stopped because I never did like going for lessons and all the theory work. It was like I had enough homework from school and my piano classes were adding to it even more. It was considered 'stress' for me as a kid but nevertheless, I'm grateful that I have a little bit of musical background.

I find music as a way for me to express my thoughts and emotions most of the time and I LOVE good music. So much that I even bought a high-end headphone just to listen to music. I also enjoy playing and tinkering with the piano and guitar from time to time and I now play it as a hobby. I wouldn't be as professional that I can immediately know how to read the notes but after several times of practice, I get by. Well, at least not having the song sound totally unrecognisable.

So here's a song that took me a few hours to learn, still a little mistakes here and there but It's a song called 'Wei Yi' by Wang Lee Hom. In English, it means 'The Only One'. One of my favourite songs to play because I love the melody from the intro, verse and chorus and that is what I've played for you guys today. Enjoy!~

Wei Yi by Wang Lee Hom

My sky is so clear
The transparent promise is the air of the past
You are who hold my hand
但你的笑容 卻看不清
But your smile can't be clearly seen

If a star has changed its mind
All wish of the past
are abandoned
Lately, I can't breathe
連自己的影子 都想逃避
Even my own shadow want to run away

Baby 妳就是我的唯一
Baby, you are my only one
兩個世界都變形 回去談何容易
The two worlds has changed its shapes, It's not easy to go back
確定 妳就是我的唯一
I'm sure that you're my only one
獨自對著電話說我愛你 我真的愛你
Alone on the phone I say I love you, I really love you
Baby 我已不能多愛你一些
Baby I can't love you more

Lyrics & translation taken from :



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I didn't know that you played the piano. Awesome bro.

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Haha, I play a few instruments. Not master in anything, just for hobby

I have always heard that piano is one of the easy instrument music to learn but i still admire those who knows how to play it a lot


I guess every instrument is easy but to master one is hard

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Thank you :)

"I never did like going for lessons and all the theory work" Same with me but for keyboard haha

The cover is great though!


Thanks! :)

You are a man of many talents - lovely!!


Thank you very much. Jaynie tells me she used to play the piano also. :)


Yes she did and I hope she will get another piano one day.


I think she will be getting one soon. Haha, go ask her about it.

Wow! Just wow! You're a talented man! Also, did you ever noticed you move your lips a lot when you play? :)

Lovely song. 🌹🌹Welcome back to reality. 😁

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