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RE: My Daily Green Juice Recipe!

in #life5 years ago

I normally use my blender for protein shakes instead of juice shakes. But when I do shakes or smoothies, it's all veggie. It's lots of spinach, cucumber and celery but definitely no fruit. If I indulge in sugar, I just go and have a (small?) piece of cake instead...

Thanks for sharing your shake recipe!


Thank you for your comment @zhuwa. I also like to use celery, but haven't found some lately. I have never done protein shakes, because I have no issue eating meat.

I eat meat too! Me and many people drink protein shakes not as meal substitute but for a protein boost before or after weight lifting workout. So it's not about eating meat but about meat (muscle) :D

OK, I see. I don't do weight lifting so it would be a bit pointless for me.

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