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RE: Imposter Syndrome - Self Sabotage and Feeling Unworthy

in #life5 years ago

Great post @moomoo, I felt like I had Impostor Sydrome back when I was coming to grips with being an "adult". I have learnt to accept praise and take everything as it comes. If someone tells me I have done good or they like what they see, I take it on board. This has been a pretty big wakeup for myself to know that yes I am worth and little by little, I can make a difference by adding value to peoples lives. Great article, followed for more of moomoo in the future!


Thanks fellow conscious being. I think everyone might experience it in different aspects.

Certainly being an "adult"is one of the greatest reasons for it. Growing up I always thought there was some point in life in which I'd become an adult. After moving out of home, going through uni and now working full time I still don't feel like an "adult".

Maybe that moment comes when you get a mortgage, get married or have kids. But I suspect that no body actually knows what they're doing in this life, some people are just better at pretending.

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