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Nowdays debt is famous among us until make us forget ourselves. Let me share with you all about debts..

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What is debt??

The social nature of human beings, where people can not live alone, should help each other both in hardship and in goodness. Just as in the treasure where we see our beloved brother is a miserable example in wealth and it is urgent that we are better off helping, that is, by paying the note the person in debt will pay when the time comes and there is a return.

Understanding of debt is to give something that has the value of the lender's ownership to the borrower with a return on time in accordance with the agreement of the same amount. Example, A borrows 10 grams of gold on B. Then B is obliged to return the debt to A as much as 10 grams of gold or that worth of money at a designated time.

Debt Concept

The concept of owing according to Islamic perspective is to give something to someone with the agreement that the lender will pay the same rate.
The practice of debt is now a common problem among Muslims. Whether it is in the name of personal financing, education, car, credit card ownership and various schemes offered by the banking company, on average it means debt. In fact, the existence of 'Ah Long' is also a link to loan and debt matters.
Debt and loan borrowing issues are among the debates within the scope of Islamic perspectives and they are bound by Islamic law. It is discussed and examined by Islamic scholars in the fiqh book through the evidence contained in the verses of the Qur'an and the Hadith of Nabawiyah.

Basically, Islam allows a person to owe a compelling factor such as a problem of life. Nevertheless, it should be pointed out here that the burden will be accepted the debtor is heavy, especially if debt is not paid. It is heavier if he dies in the state of debt not settled.

The misconduct in debt management matters must be avoided and kept away from such riba 'interest, and high interest as it turned out to burden the debtor. More severe with high interest rates causes the value of interest to be repaid much higher than the rate borrowed. It turns out the persecution of weak and disadvantaged human beings.
To the indebted man, it is best to try with your own hands before making a decision to ask or owe it to others. The person who likes to owe it seems to deny the ability he has in order to try himself for the necessity of living.

It's best to try to avoid self-esteem. However, when the situation is too urgent and there is no other way to make money, then this is where Islam allows the practice of debt.
When you start borrowing, schedule your debt repayment schedule on an ongoing basis and consistently on schedule as well as comply with the terms of the agreement so as not to cause problems later on. Try to avoid taking the opportunity to slow down debt repayment because it not only hurts itself even to the debtor.


Debt is giving something - which has value - which is the property of the lender to the borrower with a return in the future according to the agreement of the same amount.




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