Failure is a better teacher than Success

in life •  2 months ago

Failure teaches us a lot of things in our lives. If you fail on something, it will be a lesson for you. You will never make that mistakes that led you towards failure again. You can let others know about the wrong steps that should not be taken. But if you be successful once, then are not able to have those lessons. And you will not be able to teach people.

I am illustrating on some of the points that will make my point clear to you.


  • If you never fail, you will never be able to know the reality. Failure allows us to know reality. We don’t have control over everything in this competitive world. So, we need to check the reality on every single opportunity.

  • Failure can teach you that there’s a value of each and everything in this world. If we lose something, then we realize the value of that thing how much important that was for us. Success can never teach like that.

  • Failure teaches us the way to survive. When we learn to swim for the first time. We can never learn swimming on the place where we know that the water is under limit and we don’t have a chance to drown. To learn swimming, we need a deep water level where we have a chance to get drowned. But success is the survival. Not the way you survive.

  • Failure allows us to learn from our mistakes. I can remember biking as an example. Our seniors always tell us not to speed too high. We don’t care. But when we first fall and hurt ourselves, we learn why they always forbid us to do so. Thus failure teacher us to learn from mistakes. But if we never fall we will never know what will happen if we continuously riding a bike with high speed.

From the above mentioned points, it must be clear to you that you can learn from your failure a lot more than you learn from your success. Success may be the goal of your life. But failure is of course counted to be the pillar of your goal.

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Well if you've gotten success, then you don't really need a teacher. Failure is a tool to reach success. However, to be consistently successful, you need to fail a few times.

Yep @zaku , i think we have to program our self to handle failure , if we handle failure properly then only we become successful .

Si nunca fracasas no aprendes y si no aprendes, simplemente te hundes.


Sorry i can't understand your language


He wanted to say you than ''If you never to fail, you don't learn and if you don't learn, you simply to sink''. Un pequeña traducción xD.

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This is so true...

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Thanks offgridlife.. I don't how you read whole post with in 1 minutes


ahahaha zaku :)))

When people learn the value of that thing when they understand the importance of that thing

Many successful people today have a very hard times in their past. Failures are our experiences.


Yeah you right

Yes totally agree ! I even did a video on this "fail fast"


I just saw your video,It's really great . Thanks

ı want to add an idiom ''learn from your mistakes''

Every mistake give the power towards the success.

This is the most incredible than I have could to read on my day. Simply, it's absolutely true and should be taken into account.

People don't hear these messages enough.

All anyone sees is success, and little attention is paid to how he failed

good impression


Excellent reflection, I think the same as you.