One of the doors to freedom: Do not take things personally

in life •  2 years ago 

If you live by taking your life all the time, you harm yourself. Learn to be flexible like bamboo and let things flow in order not to shrink.

There are some people who are taken from everything in life. Instead of spending their lives in harmony and respect for others, they prefer to stand against the "wall" almost every time.

Is the world always against them? No. What is shudder: in the subtle and complicated world of emotions and personalities, there are some people who make habits a habit.

Instead of seeing these people as problems to avoid, we need to understand what is happening in them.

Hypersensitivity, low self-esteem and lack of psychological resources create very rigid thought patterns.
Any word, action or gesture is interpreted as an attack. The essence of the problem lies here. This low self-esteem can lead to problems and prejudice if not at all.

Perhaps you have high expectations that do not fit into reality. One look, we all think about how others should act, how they behave and how they react to events.

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