A Romanian painter sold a painting in Bitcoin virtual currency.

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Stefania Nistoreanu is the first artist in Romania to sell a painting in the virtual currency Bitcoin, also called the currency of the future.
Virtual money is now up and running in the online community, is quoted more and more in relation to major currencies, but is considered unstable and experts do not recommend investing in them. Stephanie thought he was making good investment because it is an easy-to-use method for all people who have access to the Internet.

"Compared to any other currency, this is fully owned by the user. It does not belong to any bank and it is beautiful the idea of ​​freedom behind this mode of payment. On my site, the works can be paid directly in bitcoin and literacy. At the same time, some of my paintings are already posted on sites where people buy bitcoins -bitpremier.com and bitmit.net, "says the artist.

She claims that people using bitcoin have "avant-garde perceptions," just like the works they sign.

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