What do you do first thing in the morning? When you open up your eyes. When your eyes welcome the first light of the morning.

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Praise God for everything He has given us, the food, shelter, air, water, LIFE, and everything.
Do you say how grateful you are every day?
Do you appreciate the tiny things you have for the day?
Do you enjoy the things you will use today?


The first thing you do is open your phone, check your Facebook Feed, check our the emails?
Get up, make up the bed, take a shower, eat breakfast and leave the house?
Exchange pleasant greetings with friends and tackle the job on that day.
Finished the day tired and you're either excited to go home or meet friends.

A minute to spare to give thanks to the lord is not too much.

Why not?

Ask yourself, think, and reflect.


You thank the creator first
That's true

Indeed. Not forgetting him in everything we do..

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