You can't be born a criminal, but you can be born poor.

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I'm from Trinidad, where the crime rate is rising and the higher-ups keep offering these nonsolutions. It's getting really sickening and it sad that our country now seems to be chasing after Jamaica's murder rate...


We live in a corrupt world, one where if a person can get away with a crime, they're likely to commit it. In this world, I often see persons from wealthy backgrounds, blaming the poor for crimes, I find this utter bullshit. Not because poor people don't commit crimes, they commit about as much as anyone else, but because the poor are more likely to get convicted.

Let's ask ourselves this question, who has more power to shape this world? The world we live in is handcrafted by wealthy people. I'm not trying to say, "and that's why we are failures". No, what I'm saying is that in this world shaped by different economic groups, some economic groups are not happy and so they try to achieve happiness through whatever means are available.


Have you ever been unhappy about something? How does it feel? Loss of loved ones aside, most of us are probably unhappy about something superficial, like being unpopular or something Trump said. There are people who can't eat, send their kids to school, fix their homes or even live in a dwelling that most readers would consider a home. Can you even imagine what it feels like to have zero viable options?

When people who have nothing to lose become weary of living in the world created by our forefathers, why shouldn't they do exactly what the forefathers did and go to arms? Don't get me wrong I'm not justifying violence and on that same note, the people with power today are not justified in having it since they acquired it violently.


See how that works? Should the lower economic groups rise and take power from the rich, they will write a history that pits them as the morally correct and they may very well create another unbalanced, unsustainable world.

My point is this. You cannot blame the poor for who they are, you created this world and their place in it. You have the power to change their world and lives, not them, they are powerless. No one says you have to give handouts (that's the first thing snobs like to say), Just stop blaming economically ignorant people for this economic disaster we live in and actually use your influence to positively change the world. Remember, every top needs a bottom.

Oh right, the current shitty system probably works in your favor. Oh well...

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